dir. Jan Komasa,
Producer: Naima Film,
Co-producers: dFlights, TVN, Canal+, Coloroffon, Poland 2020


Tribeca IFF 2020, the Best Narrative Feature award at the International Narrative Competition


Tomek Giemza (Maciej Musiałowski) is expelled from the university. He decides to hide this fact from the world. When the scam comes to light, the boy plans his revenge in social media. The opportunity appears when he gets a job in an advertising agency specializing in black PR.

“Infinite Storm”

dir. Malgorzata Szumowska,
Producer: Maven Screen Media (UK), Orka Film (PL),
Co-producer: JamTart Productions (US), dFlights (PL),
International sales: Sony Pictures Worldwide.


Pam Bales (Naomi Watts) conquers Mount Washington. It is a place where many tourists die due to record wind speeds. During a snowstorm, she decides to turn back from the road. When Pam notices footprints of someone else, she goes on a search, while carrying an enormous burden of her own past. Based on a true story.